Today, Bahco is still a symbol of quality. Discover the history that goes into every Bahco product.

In 1886 the first saws, which would later become Bahco branded, were manufactured in Sweden. They were made with the same milled steel used for high-quality fishing hooks, and the ‘fisk och krok’ (fish and hook) trademark was chosen to symbolize the exceptional toughness and durability of the products.

Today Bahco is a global, market-leading brand with a wide range of professional hand tools, including handsaws, combination spanners, socket spanners, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, cutters, files, bandsaws, pruning tools, holesaws, hacksaw frames and blades.

The spirit of innovation and unrelenting quality, which first set Bahco tools apart, continue to define the brand to this day. It is not sufficient for Bahco tools to be just good. Bahco sets out to make the very best – for efficiency, user-friendliness, quality, design and ergonomics.

This pursuit of excellence is typified by the revolutionary Bahco ERGO® tools, which are developed in collaboration with professional users, ergonomists and industrial designers to reduce the strain on muscle and bone structures. Spurred on by the professional craftsman’s powerful bond with their favourite tools, Bahco apply science to make working with tools easier, safer and more productive. And of course more fun.

That’s why craftsmen across the globe still look for the ‘fish and hook’ brand. This is Bahco’s contribution to professional pride and expertise.

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